A Sage Reflection on Life…

This, my inaugural blog submission, is dedicated to my dear friend, UT Saunders. He was one of the wisest and most elegant persons I have ever known. He had a grace and certainty about life and always appeared, even as a young man, to have unlocked the secret of living well. In the late 70’s we were students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. One day as we walked across Harvard Yard, I lamented about a writing assignment that was due and, in my desperation, declared how much I disliked writing. Without missing a beat, UT said simply, “You will write when you have something to say”.

At 26, I was still tenuous in my skin, unsure about my voice and without intention. Indeed, I thought I had nothing worthwhile to say. Nearly four decades later, I am comfortable in my skin, clear about my voice and have something to say. About most things, I have opinions that I am willing to express. My years on the planet count and age has given me a perspective that is uniquely mine.

Living is, at once, a joyous and frightening experience. We each approach the experience in our own way, adjusting as we move from one day to the next, approaching and marking each milestone with a mixture of awe, wonder and uncertainty. There is no formula for doing it right because there is no right. For the seekers among us there are only helpful lessons and insights which provide opportunities that might instruct. Like the choices available at a magnificent Sunday brunch, readers may choose what suits their appetite and ingest accordingly. In my blog postings, I will share my thoughts, opinions and insights on a range of topics; I will, no doubt, provoke, amuse, entertain, anger and annoy. I will always write from the wellspring of my life’s journey and the experiences which have shaped and defined who I am and how I see and fit into this world.

This is indeed a risky proposition as I lay bear my inner narratives for public consumption and comment. It is a risk I am willing to take as I have found my intention, which is one of the unexpected gifts that come with age.  I invite those who are interested along on this journey.


  1. Devante

    This is exactly what I needed. I know that even at my young age I have a lot to say because of all I have experienced and learned this early. I know I have a lot more to learn but I have a lot to say NOW! I struggled with thinking that my thoughts and opinions would not be well received or taken seriously because I am younger than most and yet a little wiser than my peers so its the STANDING OUT thing that has plagued me but I am easing my way into this because I see that there is no other EASY way to be yourself. haha I believe that is the secret. Truly being your authentic self will cause reactions in others and some of those will not be in your favor but I see now that expressing yourself is not about favor, its about FREEDOM!


  2. Khalils Mommy

    Mommy is looking down and smiling. Her spirit will continue to push you forward.
    I can hear her now, “look at Tony, just writing and carrying on” ~~~lolloooolll

    I so love that I can share in this journey with you

  3. Marshall Stevenson

    Tony: What you have put together in your blog is absolutely splendid! Informative, thought provoking and poignant in its commentary, I look forward to reading your insights–and that of others–on a regular basis. Congratulations!

  4. Cecelia Jones

    Absolutely love it! Glad that you’re putting it in writing now that you have something to say, and so eloquently.

  5. Idrise

    Dr. Pinkard, I am sure we will find your commentaries insightful, profound, inspiring and educational. I look forward to reading your future blogs.