I am not Perfect

1484_AngelikaTrojnarski01Recently, after a period of reflection and thoughtful preparation, I launched this blog site. With subdued fanfare, I contacted a circle of family, friends and colleagues to announce this new venture and to invite them to visit and engage. The idea of a blog had been percolating in my head for a number of months, until, finally I moved from thinking to action.

I recognized early that I needed professional assistance to achieve the look, feel and function of a blog, however, I had little frame of reference. I contracted a brilliant, young tech-savvy entrepreneur, Demond Raybon and his company PC Mechanics. In our initial discussions, Demond forced more careful thinking about the audience, purpose and content of the blog. Each conversation helped to bring into bolder focus my vision. Demond and his team were able to skillfully execute that vision while carefully walking me through what, in my mind, was the complicated and intimating world of social and multi-media. Slowly and carefully, we mapped the strategy and Demond and his team went to work. Demond demanded content which I dutifully produced. After several months in development, the blog site was launched.

While Demond and his team were developing the technology architecture and efficiencies that would give my blog site its shape and function, I was developing the soul of the blog, its content. It was here that I longed for the voice and advice of a writer who I admired. I found that writer in my friend and colleague, Ron Stodghill, a wonderfully talented writer. It was Ron who gave me the discernment of a writer’s soul and cautioned me against egotistical extravagances and self-importance that would derail any sincere effort at honest expression and good writing. It was Ron to whom I gave one of my first blog essay, which for me was an act of courage, and eagerly and nervously awaited his feedback.

The day after the blog site was launched, on an absolutely lovely spring morning; I was walking in the park and talking, by phone, to my sister. She opened the inaugural blog entry and noticed in the first paragraph a spelling error. I was mortified, stricken to the core that all of this work and meticulous attention to detail would be relegated to this sloppy oversight.

I took off like a mad man to find a computer to correct this error. Fortunately, Demond had shown me how to make corrections on the blog site and Ron had reminded me that, unlike the permanence of the printed word, a blog is fluid and can be corrected in real time. In my hysteria, Demond also reminded me that minor errors were to be expected and suggested that I not be so obsessed. Advice well given but difficultly received as I am, by nature, fastidious.  I could not imagine the consequences of people reading my newly launched blog and noting misspelled words. Once these minor glitches were corrected, I took a moment to reflect on what had actually occurred.

I was first reminded that I am indeed not a perfect man or a perfect writer. I will do my best, but sometimes, a misspelled word and typo may be missed in my editing and appear in a blog posting. I have come to know that imperfection is human and although we might always strive to be our best selves, often we fall short and must forgive ourselves and be forgiven by others. This blog, An Old School Perspective: Sage Reflections on Life is now very much alive and I am very much vulnerable.

Secondly, I was reminded that this blog site did not happen without the support and heartfelt assistance of others. We are, indeed, connected one to another in all that we do. Demond’s technological talent and enthusiastic embrace of my vision; Ron’s appreciation and great commitment to the art of good writing and generosity in sharing valuable insights  and my sister’s care, love and support of her big brother’s project. Without them, this blog site would not be.

Finally, I am reminded that life’s lessons come simply and unexpectedly and we are often best served if we are open to how they might instruct.


  1. Ron Stodghill

    Reviewing the work of such a talented, thoughtful writer is my great privilege! Thank you, Elfred, for engaging me in this important personal/literary/political journey. I am inspired!

  2. Khalils Mommy

    I knew if an error was mentioned, it would be corrected IMMEDIATELY 😉

    Saying I am proud of you is an understatement. I know this blog is going to be a HIT!!!
    You are FABULOUS, keep it going.

  3. David Summers

    I know what you mean. Even when I send a text with a misspelling or typo (such as too instead of to) I always feel like I have to send a follow-up to correct it. But I’m trying to learn to let it go, depending on the situation 🙂

  4. admissionsguy

    Sage words. Your words continue to edify me and provide utter guidance for me. I appreciate your explication of imperfection and certainly regard it’s context as one through which I will grow and become wiser.